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Vehicle fleet
The company has more than 40 tanker kits, all of which meet the requirements of the ADR international agreement on the transport of dangerous goods of class 3 or class 9. We use state-of-the-art large-capacity sets - Volvo, Mercedes and Renault trucks plus L.A.G. and Willig semitrailors. The portfolio also includes truck-tanks (Scania, Volvo) with tank trailers (SVAN). The total capacity of our tanks is more than 2 million liters!

All our tankers are equipped with an exact tapping measurement devices with a temperature compensation (conversion of the tapped volume to the reference temperature of 15°C). It is a matter of course that the tankers have a bottom filling system, electronic tachographs, tap card printing ability, GPS monitoring, etc.

Our vehicles are regularly subjected to all legal certifications and inspections (STK, ADR, pressure and sealing tests, etc.).​

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