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The joint stock company of PETROTRANS was founded in 1997 by BENZINA, Inc. and ČEPRO, Inc. by earmarking their transportation departments. The basic capital of the company was 1 million CZK. Both shareholders owned an equal share of the newly founded company, i.e. 50%. 

In 2001, BENZINA purchased the share owned by ČEPRO and became the only (100%) shareholder of PETROTRANS. The basic capital of the company grew to 11 million CZK and, in 2002, to 16 million CZK.

In 2007, PETROTRANS was finally fully incorporated into the new structure of the ORLEN UNIPETROL Holding. The legal form of the company was changed to a limited liability company – PETROTRANS, LLC. Assets of PETROTRANS, LLC were divided between two partners - BENZINA, LLC (99.4%) and ORLEN UNIPETROL, Inc. (0.6%).

PETROTRANS is currently owned by the ORLEN UNIPETROL Holding and it is therefore a part of the ORLEN S.A. Group. We are proud of our more than 14-year tradition and many years of practical experience with road tanker transportation of hazardous materials. We are the leading and highly visible entity in our field in the Czech Republic.​